What is the best sleeping posture during pregnancy?

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a stage in which women constantly experience changes , not only in their body but also in their routines and habits. If you are pregnant, it is very likely that one of the changes that bothers you the most is at bedtime. During the first trimester, you will hardly have difficulty falling asleep in your preferred position, but as time goes by and your belly grows bigger and bigger, it will become more difficult for you to settle into bed.

What posture is the most recommended?

The best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your side, specifically on the left side . Why? This position helps blood circulation , especially to the placenta, and makes nutrients and oxygen reach your baby faster. In addition, it is recommended to use pillows between the legs so that you keep your spine straight, avoiding that the weight of one leg falls on the other.

In addition, in this position you will avoid circulation problems : you will have less swelling in the legs, ankles or hands and the dreaded varicose veins , cramps and punctures.

Positions to avoid when sleeping

There are positions that could cause unfavorable effects on the development of the baby. That is why you should avoid them as much as possible:

  • Sleeping on the stomach : during the first trimester you will not have any problems. Although it is preferable not to generate pressure in the stomach, it is bad for the baby and for the future mother. The baby is crushed by the uterus and the woman puts pressure on her organs.
  • Sleeping on your back : At a certain point in pregnancy you may have problems such as breathing, pressure in the digestive system, low blood pressure and it can reduce circulation to the heart and the baby. All of this is exacerbated on your back.
  • Sleep on the right side . It is the side where the liver is located and it would put pressure on it. The vena cava is also located through which a significant amount of blood circulates and which you could compress by opting for this position.

Other key aspects to take into account to rest properly at night are eating light food and avoiding drinking liquids in the last hours of the day , it will help you not have to get up so many times to go to the bathroom.

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