What is “multimasking” and how does it work?

Get to know this trend in depth and add it to your cleaning routine.

Masks and facial treatments have gained an important space in our daily lives for one main reason: they are very effective. It is that there are them for everything. They cleanse, regenerate, protect, moisturize, nourish … rather, they do wonders.

But this new mode of use will enhance its efficiency and we love that . The so-called ” multimasking ” refers to the combination of several masks at the same time and in different areas of the face, all with the aim of treating specific needs of your skin.

This means that you will receive all the benefits of its ingredients in one fell swoop. You will have the skin of your dreams in less time and without much effort. If you have noticed that your skin is dry, shiny or feels warm, with the Set Mask Pod from Mary Kay ® you will give it the ideal treatment. The best of all? These masks are available in single doses and you can use them individually or in combination.

If you decided to go for the second option, you are probably wondering: “Is there a specific way to use them?” And the answer is no. Although you can combine them as you want -or according to the requirements of your skin-, we are going to leave you a list of suggested ways to use this set, which refreshes, mattifies and cleanses your face without even moving. These are the functions of each one.

Miss Pore-fect (green):

Thanks to the absorbent properties of clay, its main ingredient, this mask will leave your skin looking matted and shine-free . Includes essential oil of rosemary and menthol.

Lady Serenity (purple):

Creamy mask that will refresh your skin thanks to its extracts of aloe vera and provitamin B5 (panthenol).

Dewy Gal (blue):

Gel mask with extracts of hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin E. It will give your skin the necessary shine to make it look radiant.

Energy Queen (pink):

Mud mask with Japanese green tea extract, sweet almond oil and rosehip. It will fill your face with energy and make you feel ready to face the day. 

And this is how Mary Kay suggests combining them:

Fabulous awakening

Energy Queen (on the cheeks) + Miss Pore-fect (on the T-zone of the face) + Dewy Gal (under the eyes).

Perfect brightness

Miss Pore-fect (in the T-zone of the face) + Dewy Gal (in the cheeks).

Peace of mind in 10 minutes

Lady Serenity (on the forehead, cheeks and chin) + Dewy Gal (under the eyes).



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