Specialized body creams their uses and benefits for the skin

Moisturizing and hydration of the skin has occurred since ancient times through plant elements such as palm oil, castor oil and even avocado and also animal fats. However, in the 30s there was a  boom  in cosmetic products, where solid creams in jars began to take center stage.

These promised moisture and hydration; However, its formulas were extremely greasy, heavy and difficult to absorb, which generated an uncomfortable feeling for users and worsened at high temperatures, they were not intended for sensitive skin and many of them were made with petroleum derivatives, which generated damage to the skin.

Fortunately, dermocosmetic technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, providing us with products made with natural ingredients and offering us creams of this type that are much more specialized and focused on the use of natural ingredients such as  Sopharma  that levels the skin’s pH and that also includes within its formula Ingredients such as shea and kokum, which have properties that protect, heal, regenerate, soften and prevent cell degeneration, and are also ideal for the treatment of hyper-reactive or sensitive skin.

On the other hand, its use is not concentrated in a specific part, but can be used on the face, body and is currently used as a hand cream, since, due to the rules of cleaning and care, they are more exposed to the dryness and injury.

A good way to use it to experience its benefits is through these simple steps:

  1. Heat the. As you take it from the jar, rub it a little on the palms of your hands. This will facilitate their spreading and absorption.
  2. Smooth movements. Its application should be done with gentle upward movements, once on the body or face, touches are made as if you wanted the cream to stick to the skin, this to achieve full absorption of the product.
  3. Use.  This moisturizing cream is highly recommended to be applied at night before sleeping, emphasizing the areas where greater skin restoration is required, since when sleeping the absorption is much more complete. In addition, this product guarantees a matte effect and no greasy feeling.

At  Sopharma pH5  we are committed to taking care of your skin and we want you to experience the comfort of living inside it every day.



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