Skin repair during the challenges of the new normal

  • Wearing masks for a long time can damage the skin.
  • The auxiliaries for the control of oil in the skin during the use of masks maintain stable a level of the PH necessary to eliminate pimples and pimples.
  • Applying sunscreen during the new normal is an aid to skin care.

On March 23, the Healthy Distance Day began. 1 With this, all Mexicans were voluntarily invited to voluntary isolation. As of today, we have been at home for more than 150 days, immediately the epidemiological traffic lights were established in each federal entity to progressively make way for a new normal. In this sense, people are gradually returning to their work centers; health protocols recommend the use of face masks. In this sense, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns about the possible appearance of skin lesions on the face, irritative dermatitis or worsening of acne when the masks are used for many hours. two

During the home instance; lack of exercise, eating disorders, increase the chances of losing muscle mass generating skin problems such as cellulite, flaccidity and concentration of more body fat before the pandemic.

Faced with these challenges, the skin requires special care during the new normal. One of the first steps is to use sunscreen creams. The advice of the WHO is to apply a broad spectrum protective cream, with a protection factor equal to or greater than 30. For greater effectiveness, it should be spread generously on exposed skin and repeat the application every two hours, or after working, swimming, playing or exercising outdoors. Eternal Secret has protectors to fit different types of skin tones while providing protection against the sun’s rays, preventing premature aging of the skin.

As mentioned above, the prolonged use of masks can cause facial injuries and more in people with acne. One way to protect the skin is to prepare a facial cleansing routine to help clean and remove impurities from the face and traces of makeup, leaving a soft feeling to the touch; applying a little Micellar Water.

A cleansing gel with activated charcoal applied with your fingers and rinsed with plenty of water can help to detoxify the skin naturally and deeply, leaving it free of impurities. Depending on the type of skin, it is recommended to use it daily or every other day.

Returning to the work spaces it will be useful to apply an auxiliary to reduce pimples and pimples, an Eternal Secret Toner controls the pH level of the face, helps remove excess oil and shine, preventing blackheads from coming out; it also cleans the pores, making them less visible, and removes impurities.

However, the return to professional activities will be a challenge for the months that it has been in confinement, but let’s not forget that skin care is very necessary; It is an organ of the body that has a memory and is aware of care and carelessness in everyday life. Let’s repair our skin during the challenges of the new normal.



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