Multimasking: the skincare challenge from home

Skincare trends come and go, but one that has gained popularity in recent years and shows no signs of stopping is multimasking, a dynamic that in addition to giving your skin detoxification, hydration and overall care, is fun because you can use masks for different purposes on your face at the same time, giving a fun and instagrammable look while taking care of your skin.

Each area of ​​your face requires something different; your nose does not suffer from the same problems as your cheeks, and your chin can differ greatly from your forehead. The masks as a whole are beneficial if we know how to choose them according to the areas we want to attend to. If you have a skin type that is oily and dry; that is, you have mixed areas, you can get all the benefits at the same time.

One of the best benefits of multimasking is that it allows you to enjoy a spa experience at home, ideal for those who want to gradually resume their activities while showing off incredible skin.

If in these months of confinement you did not give your skin a break from everything we use every day, you still have time to give your face affection with this dynamic that is one of the favorites to have the famous glowing effect that we makes you look rested, hydrated and beautiful.

How does it work?

Most of those who have oily skin, suffer more with the famous T zone (nose, chin and forehead), so you can use a peel off detox mask that contains natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil such as Ash Natural and that it is also a striking blue color.

If you don’t have all the oily skin on your face, it is important that you apply it in areas; That is, if you have dry skin that tends to flake only on your cheeks, you can use a moisturizing mask in that area while letting the Ash mask act in the T zone. This way you will have fat absorption and at the same time hydration where it is most you need. It is important that you allow the masks to dry for 10-15 minutes and gently remove them.

Tip: If you see residues on your skin, you can remove them with a wet washcloth or with a cotton pad that has a little facial lotion, for this you can lightly tap on the face and in this way your skin will be perfect.

Take advantage of the fact that thanks to technology you can have everything at your fingertips through online sales, so make sure that in your shopping cart you have a wide variety of masks so that you can play with textures, colors and ingredients.

The advantages of multimasking are many, we recommend you experiment with more than 2 masks and customize your favorite combination of products that work best for your skin. It is important that you do it up to twice a week so that your face is 100% and is ready to return to the new normal with radiant beauty.



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