10 tips to keep your skin young and wrinkle-free!

Anti-aging tip 1: drink, drink, drink

Unfortunately, we forget it too often: drink! Water is very important to us, our body and, of course, our skin. The human body consists of 70 – 80% water. For example, when we sweat or go to the bathroom, we lose water. If we do not supply our bodies with enough fluid from the outside, a lack of moisture can lead to dry skin, reduced blood flow to the skin, and loss of elasticity. The recommended fluid intake is at least 2 liters a day, which corresponds to about 10 glasses of water. Drinking really helps against wrinkles! Those who drink a lot tend to have more beautiful skin. Shouldn’t that be motivation enough to drink more? “Cheers Baboristas!”

Anti-aging tip 2: dream beautiful

A good night’s sleep ensures that our body can rest and get rid of stress. Seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended. These hours mean regeneration for our skin! Tip: A pillow made of silk protects our skin because the soft texture ensures less friction. So we wake up in the morning with less facial wrinkles.

Anti-aging tip 3: avoid nicotine and alcohol

We know that smoking and alcohol damage the body, so we must avoid them. But in addition, they also have a negative effect on our skin. Alcohol dries out skin, and nicotine quickly makes our skin look paler and dull. Of course, we do not want to do without all the fun in life, so these little sins must be compensated, for example, with sports, enough sleep and plenty of water.

Anti-aging tip 4: stay healthy!

A healthy lifestyle naturally contributes to healthy and beautiful skin. If you exercise enough, get enough sleep, avoid stress and follow a balanced diet, your skin will have the best condition!

Anti-aging tip 5: regular facial peel

A good exfoliation should be an integral part of your anti aging skin care routine. Because if we do not regularly cleanse the skin of dead cells, it is not worth investing in a good anti-aging cream. It is only through peeling that the skin is intensely cleansed and the valuable anti-aging ingredients can penetrate the skin. A peel used regularly also prevents impurities, as this is an intensive cleansing method for the skin. Find out which peel suits your skin type and how often you should use it here!

Anti-aging tip 6: Remove makeup at night

Before going to bed, we must clean our face of makeup and dirt. This is the only way that the skin can absorb the active ingredients of the care and regeneration products overnight. Use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and above all, gently and carefully remove mascara and eye makeup. Rubbing too much favors wrinkles around the sensitive eye area. Instead, pat your face dry instead of rubbing it with the towel!

Anti-aging tip 7: choose  the right anti-aging products for your age

Find the right anti-aging products for your age to avoid skin irritation. In general, it is important to follow a regular care routine with anti-wrinkle serum, anti-wrinkle eye contour and anti-wrinkle cream so that the skin is always well cared for. Tip: Always apply the cream from the bottom up so you can also prevent wrinkles!

Anti-aging tip 8: don’t forget your neck and cleavage

Age can be seen not only on our faces, especially on the neck and décolleté as well, the aging of the skin is clearly visible. Therefore, the anti-wrinkle serum and anti-aging facial cream should always be applied to the neck and décolleté.

Anti-aging tip 9: pretty hands 

In addition to the face, neck and cleavage, our hands also reveal a lot about our age. Those who take good care of their hands look younger! Your hands can do a lot, so do a hand exfoliation occasionally and apply cream regularly. There are also special anti-aging cosmetics for the hands.

Anti-aging tip 10: sun protection

We girls just want sun! Unfortunately, not only is the sun that good, UV light is largely responsible for premature aging of the skin. Therefore, supplement your anti-aging care with additional sun protection if you expose your skin to intense UV radiation.



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