10 steps to discover the pleasure of sleeping (Mental Health)

The confinement we’ve been in for the past few months has taught us that we need to rethink our habits. Surely more than one of us have had a problem when it comes to going to sleep, because stress and a change in routine can take away our sleep.

In the framework of the International Mental Health Day we have decided to talk about the importance of sleep and adequate sleep since it is an issue on which we must pay more attention

But don’t worry, the Eroteca de Platanomelón has given us a guide to re-discover the pleasure of sleeping as if there were no tomorrow. 

1.    Sleep routine

How many times have you not said, I’m going to make up my lost sleep? Surely hundreds! But we have something to tell you … the hours that you don’t sleep, you no longer make up for more naps of 15-30 minutes that you take. Therefore, respecting your sleep routine is vital.

2.    Out lights

That’s right, when we go to bed (to sleep) it is better to have all the lights off, as it helps to get to sleep much easier and faster. And by lights, we mean all of them, not just the one in the bedroom and the nightstand. We recommend that you even disconnect from electronic screens, that is, television, cell phone, tablet, etc., the best thing you can do is read a physical book to relax and sleep faster.

3.    Exercise is done during the day

If you are one of those who works and can only exercise at night, I’m afraid you’ll have to make a space in the morning to be able to do it at that time, pooor ?! Simple, exercise, in addition to making us look better, puts us at 100% thanks to the hormones we secrete. So if you secrete those hormones at night, it may take you longer to sleep because you have a lot of energy.

So better, exercise in the morning or afternoon, but not at night.

4.    Don’t force yourself!

Sleep, like sex, is a time to be enjoyed. So instead of spending minutes or hours rolling in bed, counting sheep or thinking about the mosquito that is nearby, get up, walk a bit to clear yourself, read a book or some magazine (physics, remember that goodbye to the screens) and the dream will come alone.

5.    No more visits to the kitchen

The stomach is the second mind of our body, so you better not put it to work so much when you want to go to sleep soon, so forget heavy dinners and better opt for something light, without so much sugar, so you can go with Morpheus soon.

If you drink coffee, stop drinking it several hours before going to bed. And no “help”, alcoholic beverages are false allies that although they can make you sleepy, it is a light and not deep and restorative sleep like the one you need.

6.    Nothing like a good mattress

You can change your job, partner, car, city, pants … but what you cannot change is that you must sleep at least about 8 hours and what better way to do it than on a mattress.

Forget the Bed-Office, the bed is for sleeping (and other things you can share with your playmate), but it is not for working, picnicking or jumping.

If you are one of those who like to invest their money in objects that are useful, I assure you that the best thing you can do is invest in a good mattress, your back and mental health will thank you.

7.    Relax and… sex!

We already know that sex has many benefits, and one of them is  helping you fall asleep.  Sex, in company, relaxes. Sex, in crowds, relaxes. Sex, with toys, relaxes. Sex, alone … relaxes. And if you are one of those who enjoy this last option, we invite you to visit the Platanomelón online store so that you can choose the best rechargeable companion. 

Remember that few remedies are as good at breaking down as a  good dose of orgasms.  And we know a lot about this.

8.    What about naps?

While you can take some naps, remember that they are 20-30 minute naps, not an hour. The tip we give you is to set an alarm so that you do not fall asleep soundly and decompensate your biorhythms (my what?

9.    Breathe!

We have times for everything, and when it is time to sleep, we must rest. We are going to tell you a secret so that you fall sound asleep. When you are in your bed, take as much air as you can trying to inflate your belly. Hold the air for a few seconds and expel it through your mouth, very slowly.

Repeat the breath several times and you will see how, magically, your breathing will be calmer, and you will feel sleepy!

10. If all else fails, consult a specialist

Sometimes not even with all the remedies or tips in the world, you can sleep as you deserve. If this is your case, do not go for pills or natural remedies to sleep, better go to a specialist who can guide you and they will be able to discover how your mental and physical health are so that you can fall asleep safely.

Remember that we can take care of our mental health by modifying small habits such as sleep, follow these steps and sleep has been said.



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