10 exercises to do with your baby

We want to maintain a healthy and strong body, but after having our baby it becomes difficult for us. The body has totally changed us , we don’t have time for anything, and becoming a mother is hard in itself. Work, daily activities, children … They can prevent you from taking time to stay in shape. And the benefits of exercising are more than known. Especially after having a child it is important not to fall into a sedentary life: tone the muscles of the body, burn calories, reduce stretch marks , regain shape, improve circulation, be more active, clear the mind … Do not deprive yourself of this , start exercising with your baby from home or walking with him.

Include an exercise routine with your baby in your day to day. Although you do not have the same freedom as being alone, you have many exercises that you can do. In addition to not separating from him, you will strengthen ties and spend fun minutes.

10 exercises to do with your baby

  1. Cardio . To start or end your exercise routine. You can go for a brisk walk with the stroller or with a baby carrier. The baby has to be over six months to be able to sit in the stroller. You can do it for half an hour.
  2. Squats . You can use a baby carrier or hold your baby with your arms stretched out in front of you. With your legs open and slightly bent, lower your buttocks backwards, without your knees being in front of your feet. You can lean against the wall for more balance.
  3. Bridge . Lie on your back, bend your knees and feet slightly apart on the floor. Place your child on your hips and gently lift your body by pushing your legs and squeezing your glutes. Go down slowly, but without resting your ass on the ground until you finish.
  4. Abs . Lie on your back with your knees bent, keep them together and support the baby. Raise your chest with your back as straight as possible and lower without supporting your entire back
  5. Strides . Standing, with our baby in our arms, we step forward while the back knee bends almost to the ground (without touching it) and take the next step.
  6. Table . We place the baby on the floor under us and support the elbows on both sides of him with the feet stretched out. Contract your abdomen and hold this position for thirty seconds.
  7. Arms. Stand up, take your baby and stretch your arms so that she is in front of you, you just have to raise your arms while you breathe out and when you go down, release the air slowly.
  8. Chest. Lying on the floor with the little one on your chest, stretch your arms lifting your baby and bend them to lower him.
  9. Push-ups. Put your baby on the floor between your two outstretched arms and the palms of your hands at shoulder level. Bend your arms to face your baby and climb up. You can get on your knees to make it easier for you.
  10. Relaxation. To finish your exercise, put your baby on your chest and while stroking his head and back, breathe deeply. This will make him relax with you too.

These exercises can be done five days a week, but the best way to start is gradually and gently to get used to it. 3 sets of 15 repetitions will be enough. Another way to exercise is by dancing or attending yoga classes , for example. Do you know the benefits that yoga has for the little ones ?

But exercise, if it is not with a good diet and hydration, is not enough. This does not mean being on a diet, but we do not lack foods rich in calcium, iron, omega-3 … It will make you lose weight and regain your figure in a healthy way. Include fruit and vegetables every day in your menu and good hydration, drink plenty of water.

Considerations before exercising with your baby :

  • Perform a small warm-up of each area of ​​your body that you are going to exercise.
  • It is a better time to exercise after your child’s nap , to be relaxed and not sleepy.
  • The mother and baby do not have to be freshly eaten.
  • When we do the exercises we have to hold our baby well.
  • Take breaks

It is time to recover your figure and have a good fun time with your little one. Find everything you need for your care at supplementlife.org/.



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